Sunday , May 20th 2018
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Yucarser Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder Review

Yucarser Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone HolderCan you imagine a life where you don’t have 24/7 access to your cell phone? You probably can’t. From making calls to sending emails to surfing the internet and making financial transactions, our cell phones allow us to accomplish so much and this is why we need them everywhere we go.

However, using your cell phone can be dangerous at certain times such as when you’re driving the car. You’re likely to get into an accident if you keep one hand busy with your cell phone while your drive your car with the other. There is good news though—with the introduction of the Yucarser Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder, many of the dangers associated with using the cell phone and driving can now be curbed. Here is a review of the Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder from Yucarser.

Easy to Use

Black in color, the Yucarser Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder has no clamps, no cradles and can be operated with one hand. Simply bring your phone close to the car mount and feel it lock into place. Another thing that makes the holder easy to use is the 360-degree free rotation.

Strong Magnet

The holder can hold your device on any bumpy road, all thanks to the high quality N50 magnets. So, take your car through rough terrains without worrying about your phone dislodging from the holder and falling down.

Scratch Resistant

The holder comes with a protective film which you can place between your device and the disc. This ensures that there is no scratch on your phone or the holder when you remove the disc. The holder has an aluminum alloy body with piano coating, which never scratches and never fades.

Universal Design

You can the cell phone holder from Yucarser to any flat surface. This includes your car’s center console or dashboard, your office desktop, your bathroom vanity, bedroom nightstand, kitchen counter and more. Put simply, you can stick it anywhere you like and to make things better, the holder is compatible with phone, GPS, and some tablets smaller than eight inches.


You can set the holder in a preferred position thanks to its highly flexible ball-joint rotation.

Easily Adjustable and Alluring Design

The Yucarser Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder is small in size, which means that you can mount it wherever you want and the size of your car will never be an issue. In addition to being easy to adjust, the Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder from Yucarser has an attractive design, all thanks to its metal texture which gives it a sleek look.

What’s Included in the Package?

We will conclude this review of the Yucarser Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder by providing you a list of things included in the Yucarser package. Following is what you can expect to get when you buy the Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder from Yucarser:

  • 1 x YUCARSER Car Mount
  • 3 x Metal Discs (1 large & 2 small)
  • 3 x Protective Films
  • 1 x 3M VHB Sticker
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Thank You Card