This department will ship all items that are purchased by our customers via internet or absentee bids.  We will also provide shipping for customers who participated at our auction on site but may have flown in and are unable to take their items with them.  We will also ship items for customers who may have purchased many items or large items and do not have room in their trailers to haul their items home.  However, all onsite bidders that want their purchases to be shipped will have to leave credit card information for shipping charges.

All items will be shipped as soon as possible.  All items will be shipped to the address you provide to us when you register for the auction.  If you want the items shipped to a different address or you want to pick you items up, it is your responsibility to contact our office prior to the auction or, at the latest, on the next business day after the auction and let us know how you want your items handled.

For large items such as gas pumps, large signs, etc. that may have to be shipped by truck, it may take longer for us to ship your items because it will take special arrangements.  We suggest you use Orange County Crating for large items.  Contact Tyler Baskett at 714-637-2727 and reference the auction at Chris Unger’s Car Crazy Auction House.

For very fragile items, special shipping arrangements will have to be made.  Items that we consider very fragile will be noted in the catalog.  When you read the description, you as the bidder will know ahead of time that a particular item will need special shipping arrangements.   I know bidders do not like surprises, and generally an item that needs special shipping will have the text in red.

In the unfortunate event your item is damaged in shipping, please email us at or call our office at 714-997-1024.  You will need to give us the following information:  your name, address (that the item was shipped to), phone number, email, shipping number, if you can, and a brief description of the damage.