Guide Lines to Ratings Systems & Abbreviation Used by Chris Unger’s Auction House.

For Petroliana & Memorabilia items:

  • PPP – porcelain pump plate
  • SSP – single sided porcelain
  • DSP – double sided porcelain
  • SST – single sided tin
  • DST – double sided tin
  • Flange sign is a double-sided sign with a 90 degree end bend for mounting to a wall.

Rating Signs:

Condition of signs are rated 1 to 10, 10 being the best grade
9.5 to 10 – absolutely a mint sign, no imperfection (I never give “10”)
9 & 9.4 – almost perfect, may have a factory flaw or almost no damage; if there is, there will be none in field, only chips will be around the edge, great gloss
8.5 to 8.9 – may have minor damage, small chips and minor wear but has to have good or great gloss
8 to 8.4 – has more damage, chips are getting larger or may be in an important area, still should have good gloss
7.5 to 7.9 – chips are still getting larger or more of them, heavier wear in field, gloss is starting to go
6 to 7.4 – these signs have heavy damage, no gloss, small crease, deep scratches
5 or less – this is a judgment call, poor condition all the way around


Rating Globes:

Excellent – lens rated excellent are either NOS or were not used for long, they have no defects

Very good – lens may have very minor damage, such as a light scratch in field or a paint flake not in field

Good – lens may have more scratches in field, weak paint or edge wear
Fair – lens will have fading, larger paint flakes and heavier wear around edges
Poor – will have heavier paint fading or even some missing, deep scratches in field and large chips around edge
Very Poor – lens is broken or repaired, poor repaint,  has not been done professionally

Restored – Has been done professionally and is car show quality.