The Time Capsule of Gene Ellis’ Garage

It was roughly 4 weeks ago, early November 2014, when a gentle man came in the store and said that he had a couple of Model A frames and some parts in his garage he is looking to sell.

I got his information and Chris called him to set an appointment to see the garage. When he opened the door, eyes bugged wide open as the old wood door on the modest garage from early Orange County suburbia swings up and get’s propped by a splintery redwood timber.

That gentleman who came in the store was Gene Ellis; a CRA Honoree and historic Indy and Dirt-Track hot rodder. There was a Watson inspired, Offenhauser Champ car in the garage and a Hank Henry parallel bar car (1 of 3) in the shed. The Henry car was taken apart to prevent theft and apparently it worked. All the pieces were in different out buildings and all there.

What was even more interesting and often discovered in these barn-finds is a golden nugget. In the back of the garage, among the weeds was a Tamales Wagon Sprint Car Frame built by Don Edmonds. It was from the only car to ever run a Turbocharged Offenhauser motor. Incredible find.

The Hank Henry chassis and the Tamales Wagon are currently being restored and will be in a private collection real soon.