A Pick Returns Home

WATSONSSeveral months back we were able to venture down in the basement of Watson’s Drug Store, a 100+ year old pharmacy/soda fountain in Old Towne Orange, CA to pick up some really neat stuff. We saw the vertical “DRUGS” double sided sign laying in the corner of the dark basement as well as boxes and boxes of medicine bottles and receipt books. We gave an offer for the signs and the owner said he’d really like to sweep the floor clean. We adjusted our offer for the entire contents.

A couple of months later, the owner decided to sell the business. In the mean-time, we had an auction and sold many of the historic items we picked.

It just so happens that many of the items from the basement pick which were won by different bidders ended up back at Watson’s. Then the new owner came in and bought a bunch of vintage bottles. The new owner is renovating the historic eatery and added them to the interior design. Stunning. It’s great to see such historic items returned to it’s originator and displayed so nicely.

When you are looking for that signature item, that unique feature for your collection or interior design challenge, visit your local vintage store. You will be supporting a family run business rather than the big box corporate conglomerate.